Alkaloid Skopje – a 360 web presence


The collaboration between Nextsense and Alkaloid begin in 2011 when Alkaloid decided to improve its online presentation. The old web site was outdated and inflexible to support all of Alkaloid’s products, information and pace of updates. Besides that, the site didn’t reflect the brand image of Alkaloid as the biggest Pharmaceutical Company in Macedonia and as one of the most successful in the region. Although corporate social media profiles were present they needed a lift and a fresh approach bringing all online communications on the same level of quality.

Here we present the work that we’ve done together in the past two years since the start of our successful collaboration and the plans for the features and projects that will follow.

Web site

The new website, (implemented on Nextsense’s WebBuilder 3.0 CMS platform) served as a base for the consistent, full circle online experience. The architecture of the site was carefully planned to ensure that the needs of all target audiences are met – the users of Alkaloid’s products, medical personal, investors, employees and job seekers. Every single product and brand in Alkaloid’s vast portfolio is displayed in a clear, consistent matter ensuring that the consumers can always refer the website for product information. The search of pharmaceutical products is done through the Vademecum, an integrated application enabling the general population and medical personal browse through the drugs by brand name, generic name and pharmaco-therapeutic group. The Vademecum presents the prescription and OTC & consumer health drugs in a friendly and easy to use manner serving as an assistant in choosing the right medicine. The specific segments for “Career” and “About investors” serve as micro portals for getting the necessary information for these two groups of stakeholders. In short, the whole marketing communications of the company are presented on the site in 1670 (and rising) pages in a complex yet easily navigable structure.

Mobile and Tablet versions of the web site

The number of users of smartphones and tablets is rapidly growing, as well as the time that the users are spending browsing the web through these devices. Mobile internet has an exponential expansion in speed and number of users, it’s definitely here to stay and possibly take a large share in the total internet consumption. As mobile devices are becoming a vital part of our lives, the companies have a responsibility to enable access of their websites on these devices. Recently, Alkaloid had the honor to present the mobile and tablet versions of its web portal, as one of the first pharmaceutical companies to recognize and follow the trend. With acknowledging this fact, Alkaloid shows foresight and willingness to be accessible to the “mobile users”. The step that Alkaloid is taking in the shape of mobile web pages will bring the brand closer to the users and make the information more accessible.

The mobile version of the portal (phone and tablet) is technically a resolution responsive web site implemented with the latest HTML5 & CSS3 techniques. The screen resolution and device type dictate how the website will be presented to the user, presenting a custom tailored, device specific user experience. The choice of creating the site using the responsive web design technique provided many benefits among which the most important was that the management of the massive content will be done on one instance while only the presentation of that content will be variable depending on the display screen.

Web online application for career in Alkaloid

The latest launched project for the client was the HR WOA (Web Online Application), first employment portal of its kind in Macedonia. The functionally rich portal is among the few such portals in the sector on a global scale, provided only by the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The solution provides the applicants with the possibility to fill and edit their own profiles with relevant experience and interests which are recorded in a database and apply to relevant job openings in the many of Alkaloid’s representative offices in the world.


  • Technical requirements
  • Web oriented solution
  • Test and production environment
  • Each application has its own log
  • Easy editing of open work positions with CMS
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Same look and feel and brand image as the corporative web site
  • Creation of valuable employee database with quality information about potential employees
  • Admin module with option to view, filter and select entered data by authorized HR personnel
  • Possibility for generation of universal report with filtration and selection of attribute
  • Usage of the database according to legal regulation and the law for protection of personal data.


  • There are many benefits both for the company and for the employees seeking job in the company:
  • Matchmaking of data – internal needs with internal resources and external applicants
  • Simplifying the process of employee selection
  • Improved efficiency of the employment process
  • Possibility for creation of applicant CV
  • Dynamic updating of all profiles with every single change
  • Automatic notifications for applicants when matching work positions are open in the company
  • Technical and qualitative improvement of Alkaloid’s HR department
  • Possibility of running many employment processes simultaneously
  • Automated processes

Future plans and projects:

  • Besides the continuous update of the portal with new products and news…
  • Vademecum mobile application
  • Alkaloid International web page and portals
  • web portal
  • Continuous improvement of existing portals