The Leading e-Democracy event in the region

e-Democracy Conference 2012
23-25 September 2012
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

It is with great honor and excitement that Nextsense is hosting the third e-Democracy Conference 2012.

For the third year in a row, beautiful Ohrid will welcome all the enthusiasts and supporters of the e-Democracy concept. This year again we will try to spread the e-Democracy cause and transfer the knowledge and expertise acquired in the previous years. Our goal will be to connect different e-Democracy shareholders and encourage their communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences and best practices.

We are very proud that the previous two conferences achieved a tremendous success and had a significant impact on the enhancement of the democratic processes in the region.

In the past years the e-Democracy Conference has grown to become the leading e-Government event in the region, which encourages us to continue with our efforts for promoting the e-Democracy cause.

This year the Conference will focus on some of the most current e-Democracy and e-Government topics like: Social media as innovative ways to increase civic participation, the need for monitoring the rapidly changing legislation, citizen inclusion in the legislative process, monitoring the transparency of the public institutions, policy and program life-cycle management etc.

We hope that the Conference presentations and discussions will be inspiring for the participants and will give them new and fresh ideas that will later be implemented as successful e-Democracy projects.

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e-Democracy Conference 2012 Keynote speakers:

  • Ms. Marta Arsovska Tomovska
    Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in the Republic of Macedonia
  • HM Ambassador Christopher Yvon
    British Ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia
  • Mr. Chris Henshaw
    NDI Macedonia Country Director
  • Mr. Jani Makraduli
    Vice-president of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Mr. Richard Howitt
    Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur on Macedonia

e-Democracy Conference 2012 pannels:

  • Monitoring the rapidly changing legislation and narrowing the compliance divide
  • Policy and Program life-cycle management
  • Innovative ways to increase civic participation in parliaments, governments, and civil society
  • ICT strategy to increase transparency and accountability
  • Monitoring the transparency of the public institutions and using new technologies in the processes of policy making

Past conferences

  • e-Democracy 2010, Ohrid, Macedonia
    • 100 participants
    • 15 countries
    • 26 delegations
  • e-Democracy 2011, Ohrid, Macedonia
    • 100 participants
    • 17 countries
    • 28 delegations

Why you should attend/Conference benefits

  • Gain valuable insights on current e-Democracy trends and issues
  • Listen to some of the most prominent and respected regional and global policy makers and leading experts on e-Democracy
  • Network and debate with colleagues and recognized experts on the transformation of the democracies by use of ICT
  • Get to know the latest and best ICT tools for empowering democracy