Nextsense Signing Server

Quickly sign and verify one or multiple digital documents!

Nextsense Signing Server, as a server component for digital signing, enables organizations and government institutions to digitally sign, seal and timestamp one or multiple documents in a very short time, giving maximum control and security in the process. Once you sign your documents through Nextsense Signing Server, they become equipped with Long Term Validation (LTV) capabilities, which furthermore extend their validity and credibility.

With Nextsense Signing server, you can apply server side digital signatures to any XML, PDF and binary format document according to different standards: PaDES, XaDES and CaDES, in compliance with EU Directive for Trusted Services 910/2014 which is in force from July 1st 2016 (replacing directive 1999/93/).

signing server main benefits

Signing Server benefits and functionalities:

  • Customer ready product - no need for additional development
  • High level of performance and security
  • Distributed and highly available architecture for most demanding environments
  • Easy and nonintrusive integration with existing software applications and solutions
  • Fully compliant with EU Directive for Trusted Services
  • Long-Term Validation (LTV) compliant
  • Integration with different FIPS compliant mediums and crypto units (token, HSM, cloud)
  • Support for leading Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
  • Sign PDF, XML and binary format documents
  • Sign or seal PDF documents with one or more visible or invisible electronic signatures
  • Apply digital signatures according to different standards: PDF (PaDES); XML (XaDES); CMS (CaDES)
  • Apply Organizational seal to ensure trust in your organizational documents
  • Can be integrated with Time Stamp Authority (TSA)
  • Signature panel with a digital signature, organizational seal and/or timestamp details
  • Unattended and automated bulk signing