Nextsense Single Sign On

One gateway for All applications

Applications you provide to your customers and employees, be it web based or mobile, are your true asset. But, what about the access? You have a hassle process of registration and log in, different for each. As a consequence, customers struggle to learn all passwords and credential and usage of applications fails.

Nextsense Single Sign On is here to handle it for you, once and for all. Our solution enables single sign-in through policy-driven password security including multifactor authentication and authorization, configurable per web application. Now you don’t need to look any further, with Nextsense SSO, you’ve set your eyes on the prize!

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to use one set of credentials and gain access to all your web applications?

Single Sign on

We don’t resist complexity, instead we embrace it by making it simple. This is our recipe to provide you with pleasant experience.

Dive-in and explore the benefits

  • Access multiple applications and services with single credentials
  • SSO integration enables authentication of MKT customer users using same credentials
  • Significantly improve customer satisfaction and reduce help desk costs
  • Improved compliance and security
  • Aid towards boosting productivity
  • Promote and facilitate B2B collaboration
  • Enhance user adaption of company promoted apps

We’ve got you covered through a set of simple functionalities

  • Enrollment, Registration and Authentication with e-mail and password
  • Simple integration of new applications’ back-end systems with Nextsense SSO
  • Incorporated Authentication and Authorization mechanisms
  • User attributes exchange and management

With Nextsense Single Sign On you no longer need to worry about management of redundant sign-on credentials. We value every aspect of your time and work, and with our system we can give you the chance to put your resources to better use, without sacrificing security or disrupting company policies.